fredag 26 oktober 2012

Back again!

Hello everybody. This site has not been updated for a while. Sorry for that. Both Go Hjalmar Go and Chip Quartet have not been producing for a while.
But I can give you a few updates now.
Go Hjalmar Go has been booked for a gig in Eskilstuna november 9, check Gigs-section for more info.
Also a Go Hjalmar Go Soundcloud-page has been created, check artist-section for the link.
Still no records are ready for download yet but be patience...... Soon. I will add GHG songs on Soundcloud whenever I can, so you at least can listen to them. Hopefully a Chip Quartet page will be up also.

/Go Hjalmar Go

måndag 3 oktober 2011

Go Hjalmar Go Live

I´m happy to say that Go Hjalmar Go have been booked to play at Klubb Bitcrush in Stockholm thursday the 20 october. Also he will be playing at Chip Quartets moving out party on saturday the 22 october. Check out gigs-section for more details!


Welcome to Select to Start! Soon you will be able to download all the records we´ve put out! I´m working hard to get them ready for download. / Go Hjalmar Go